The Risk no one is talking about

“The risk no one is talking about”  is an engaging 30 minute video presented by a top asset manager. In the video, risks to the emerging markets and knock-on effects of the rising US Dollar are discussed.

The Risk no one is talking about

Keith Dicker is the President of IceCap Asset Management.  This summer he has made several presentations entitled “The Risk no one is talking about”.   The presentation here is from one he gave to an investment club that I found on the web.

Mr. Dicker is plain and direct speaker that impressed me with both his style and content. Lots of people pay attention to what he has to say. His “IceCap Global Outlook” newsletter ( Free) is read by well over 100,000 folks in over 50 countries.

Rather than give you the spoilers, invest 30 minutes and watch the presentation. You may or may not agree with Mr. Dicker’s arguments, but I guarantee that you’ll learn something.

I hope you like the presentation.

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