Swing Trade Ideas and Set ups Sept 12

Recent triggered trades are reviewed along with new long and short swing trade ideas. Entry triggers and stops are given for additional guidance.

Review of Triggered Trades from Sept 11 Set ups.


$CDW –  up 1.34% and breaking out. Stay long against $88.50

$RSG – up fractions; Stay long against $74.50

$ROKU and $VRSN – Stay long

$RHT – Broke higher into the gap.  I got long against $150.


$ABC – broke significantly lower; I got short against the downtrend line

$NOAH – Lost support at $40. I got short with a stop at $40.50

New Ideas

$BRKS –  Recently made a $9 move to $39. Subsequently has retraced to $35.50 gap support. Stock is at a key technical spot. If it holds here its bullish. If it loses $35 I think it proceeds to fill the open $5 gap below.  I am alarming $35 for downside move and $36.25 for a potential long.

$AMN – Price is pressing against key support at $52 as shown on the weekly chart. I am going to alarm $51.75 on a weekly closing basis and look for a move to $45.

$VZ  – Price is consolidating below resistance at $55. Alarm $55 for a potential breakout to new highs

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