Market Wizard & Fortune Teller Kyle Bass explained the Trump Trade and China Tariffs 18mo ago, and nailed it

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About Kyle Bass
The billionaire hedge fund manager started his career at Prudential Securities in the early – 1990’s. From there he went on to Bear Sterns in 1994 and at 28 became one of the youngest Senior Managing Directors in the firm’s history. In 2000 he moved to Legg Mason to form the firm’s first institutional equity office.

How to make a Billion Dollars

In December 2005 he formed his own hedge fund, Hayman Capital with $33 million in AUM.   In 2006 he identified the US Real Estate bubble and promptly nailed the trade.

Find out more on Mr. Bass’ history  HERE    

Bass the Fortune Teller
I ran across a video of Kyle doing an interview with Bloomberg in January of 2017.  Maybe it’s just me, but I found it remarkable.  Prior to the 2016 election, Bass had already done his homework on Trump. He had no idea Trump would win of course, but he had the “what if” scenarios all laid out and the bazookas loaded. Remember the huge spike down in equities and currencies the night of the election?  Bass was firing the other way.  You know who won.

Here in this interview recorded 18 months ago, Bass presents the Trump trade with remarkable accuracy. He also foretells the tariff / trade war with China and potential fall out. There may even be a few trade ideas in there for you.

Listen to Kyle Bass tell the story himself   HERE
Run time 15 minutes

Bonus Video –  The Big Short Vol 2   China Banking

If you have not figured it out, Bass is a macro trader. He has a thesis that the Chinese banking system is a stone’s throw away from implosion.  He reportedly has over $1B on the Big Short Vol 2.    Right or wrong, you gotta respect a guy putting massive Dollars on the line

Listen to the 15 minute video  recorded in February 2018   HERE

Don’t know about you, but I am both fascinated and inspired listening to true Market Wizards.  I hope you found the videos worthwhile.

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