Daily Profit Compass April 6

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Tickers discussed: SPDR Sector Review   Strategy and Tactics

The Daily Profit Compass provides the stock market analysis for the day. Key levels and trading locations for the indexes are provided, along with trading plans and timely commentary to keep you on the right side of the trade.

NOTE:  Markets are closed Friday April 10 in observance of Good Friday.


Last night, 60 Minutes did a segment on Holocaust survivors. One gentleman’s story when something like this…. ” When the Nazi’s came into our town to round up the Jews, my Dad told me to run. I crawled through the sewer until I thought I was out of sight, then ran to the house of people who used to come to our families butcher shop. At first they did not want me, but finally said I could hide in their attic. Each day they would visit me 1 time to bring me food and water. Nothing to do, no one to talk to. I tried to catch flies to pass the time.  I lived like that for 2 years. I never saw my family again.

In that moment of watching him tell his story I was embarrassed and ashamed of myself for having been mildly upset the day before because my grocery store continued to be out of toilet paper. Most of us have not known real suffering. We might have had financial set backs in the dot com era or during GFC1, but that real suffering.  Suffering is when an event impacts your physical or psychological being. Something you never forget and remember like it was yesterday.  Suffering is when Covid takes a loved one; not when it forces you to cook for yourself or makes you hunt for toilet paper. So the next time you’re watching Netflix and complaining there’s nothing to do, just stop. Think about the people who’s lives will be altered forever by this virus. You don’t have it all that bad.


News Flow

  • Markets do a moonshot as Covid cases and deaths appear to stabilize.
  • Oil pares losses as Saudis and Russians try to make a deal.
  • Solar industry sees demand plummeting
  • Covid hitting Blue-collar workers especially hard.

Wave 2 Data Releases

4/6  None

4/7 Redbook / JOLTS / Consumer Credit

4/8 Mortgage applications/ oil inventory / FOMC minutes

4/9 Jobless claims / Consumer sentiment

4/10 Markets closed for Good Friday


A complete review of the indexes was presented in the Weekend Profit Navigator on April 5.  Find it HERE

SPDR Sector Review

For each sector ETF I provide the bull / bear pivot and potential trade locations. See the chart annotations for details.



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