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christopher buss

Hi! I'm Chris Buss.

I am a professional full-time trader that has been involved with markets for over 15 years. I use technical analysis to seek out and discover objective long and short swing-trading opportunities. I use options in my trading to leverage these opportunities while defining my risk.

I also love to teach. Over my career I’ve presented countless seminars across the country both to small groups and convention-sized audiences. I enjoy the process of helping others develop and expand their capabilities. I bring this passion to teach and share to the site.

I look forward to helping you become the consistently-profitable trader you aim to be!

3 ways Trader's Profit Compass will help you


Trading is hard work. When times get tough, ( and they will ) it’s easy for fear and self-doubt to derail even the most dedicated of traders.

I will give you strategies to overcome the behaviors and feelings that are holding back your performance. Employing these methods will empower you to tackle the market with quiet fortitude and inner calm.


Aspiring to become a great trader means a commitment to a lifetime of learning. Ever-changing markets demand new techniques and strategies.

I will not only share my time-tested trading principles with you, but I’ll also expand your trading playbook with powerful, compelling option strategies. Having the tools, and knowing how to use them, will elevate your trading game to a new and higher level.


Being an inspired, motivated and educated trader is certainly a good start, but it’s not enough. Becoming consistently profitable requires executional excellence.

To achieve that, together we’ll develop an air-tight trading process and a disciplined trade plan that you can consistently execute with confidence.

I get up early so you don't have to.

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Each day at 5am I begin to use my experienced eyes to distill and crystallize the markets into a fast – paced summary ready for you to use.

Loaded with actionable information, my thoughtful, in-depth analysis covers indexes, key domestic and global ETFs, along with stocks that are ready to move.

At 8:30 am you’ll receive a combination of written and video content that will keep you organized and pointed in the right direction each trading day.

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Some thoughts from Daily Profit Compass readers:

What kind of stuff is inside the Daily Profit Compass?

Daily Trade Plan

Each day I provide you with key levels of the indexes along with a trading plan for a wide range of stocks. You’ll hit the ground running!

Actionable Swing Trading Ideas

I will provide objective long & short swing trade ideas as the market presents them. For each I will provide an annotated chart with specific entry points, price objectives and stops. Each trade idea will be monitored with updates given as price moves.

Comprehensive Market Strategies

There’s always a Bull Market somewhere and I’ll find it. I cover top performing stocks, leading indexes & sectors, global market opportunities and I even cover commodities and currencies!

financial guidebook

Expand Your Options Playbook

Trading with Options can be a daunting proposition for many aspiring traders. I will demystify them and teach you simple, yet potent, strategies that will put a pop in your portfolio!

traders profit compass

Market and Trading Psychology

Most trading services ignore the reasons why most traders fail, namely destructive trading behaviors. I spend a great deal of time and effort both identifying these behaviors and offering powerful strategies to overcome them.

The Personal Touch

Members receive my direct contact information. You can reach me anytime. Need an analysis of your favorite stock? Done. Need help crafting a trade plan? Done. Want me to cover a certain aspect of trading that is giving you problems? Tell me. My role is to elevate your game and I take that responsibility seriously!